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The ultimate experiential feasting, plates give everyone a taste of a variety of different flavours. We are more than happy to advise which complement each other.

Choose '1' for a starter and minimum '5' for a main course SERVED TAPAS STYLE


Szechuan Pressed Octopus & Whitebait

Poached Octopus, pressed then sliced, served with pickled pearl onions, edamame beans, peas & Szechuan Dressing

Buttermilk Fried Fish

East Coast Day Boat Fish of the day, Brined in Buttermilk and Spices, Tossed in Bears secret blend of 7 spices (LOL) and deep fried until crispy. Served with, bloody mary mayo and Pickled Watermelon & Cucumber.

Rainbow Trout Kiev

Whole Yorkshire Rainbow Trout, Garlic Butter, Breadcrumbs, Golden oozing garlic and herb fishy loveliness. Served with a wodge of Lemon.

North v South, Smoked Mussels & Clams

Shetland Mussels, Cornish Clams, Lightly Smoked with cedar, sea greens and garlic rubbed toasted sourdough.

Cod Cheeks, Salsa Verde, Black Lentils

Cod Cheeks, Dill, mint and lemon salsa verde, black lentils, deggi Merch chilli

Soft Shell Crab Boti

Tikka Boti Marinated Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Tamarind masala ketchup. It’s like a Spicy Fish butty without the bread!

John Dory, Kholrabi, Capers

Fillets of John Dory, Shredded Kholrabi and caper & lemon vinaigrette, cooked in a bag (not a bag for life)


Deep Fried Meatballs

Minced Beef from the chuck, Breadcrumbed, deep fried, served with lashings of parmagiano reggano and Smoked Tomato Jam

Pichana & Chimichurri

The classic combo, whole BBQ’d beef rump cap (pichana steak), crusted Paprika chilli & Garlic, thinly sliced, served with punchy hand cut chimichurri.

Beat up Chicken & Spaghetti

Flattened Chicken Breast, Lemon & Garlic Breadcrumbed, pan fried in sage butter, served with classic chilli, Tomato spaghetti, topped with buffalo mozzarella

Spicy Mutton Kee-bab

Cumin, coriander and garlic mutton koftas, pomegranate glaze, smoked urfra chilli sauce, coriander yoghurt, mulberry molasses

Ox Cheek & Crispy Shallots

12 hour marinated ox cheek, celeriac puree, crispy shallots

3 Meat Empanada

Minced pork, beef & veal, spiced up, sauced up, fresh garden peas, baked into a traditional mini Mexican pasty - served with padron pesto.

Chicken Porchetta

De-boned Chicken, fennel, garlic, loadsa herbs, frog tied and sent to the water bath, sliced and served with crispy chicken skin and rich chicken bone jus.

Apricot Lamb Chops

Griddled ginger beer soaked lamb Chops, apricot, rosemary & honey runny jam.


Courgette & Romanesco

Stuffed and baked courgettes, romesco, toasted almonds and crumbed goats cheese.

Wild Mushroom Surprise

Wild mushrooms, tarragon, boozy cream sauce wrapped up in a lovely little parcel with string.

Squash Pot

Now so famous, vegetarians across the land have been known to go to weddings and have eaten one of our squash pots, very time consuming for us but totally worth it! HA. Hollowed squash, courgette, spinach, baby tomatoes, spices, herbs. Swizzled with garlic balsamic glaze.

Raclette & Poacher Quiche

Oozy après ski favourite, sharp salty ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’, caramelised shallots, buttery pastry. Need we say anymore?

Jackfruit Biryani (vg)

Ginger and garlic marinated Jackfruit, Crispy Onions, Rum Soaked Raisins and crispy rice

Heritage Carrot Wellington (vg)

Heritage carrots (when in season), wild mushroom duxelles, crispy puff pastry

Ginger Cauliflower Wedge (vg)

Ginger, Chilli and garlic roasted Cauliflower, ‘Kecap Manis’ soy dressing

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